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We aim to create a fun, safe, learning environment to help riders tackle even the most technical trails. Developing skills on a bike is all about progression. Start small and you’ll be going big in no time!

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My friends and I love mountain biking and as we progress in taking on more challenging trails we found ourselves wondering how much better we might be if we ever had some real training. So we signed up for Jay’s clinic and boy was it worth it. Jay is an exceptional trainer and loves what he does. It shows in his attention to detail as he helps you develop the proper body position and technique to use in each situation whether its hitting corners strong, jumping logs or tackling descents. Jay’s training has improved my confidence on the trail. I’ve already taken his level 1 & 2 courses and I’m looking forward to his level 3 course next.

Bob Heitzman

HI Jay. I took an intermediate skills clinic with you at Alafia a few weeks ago (you probably had me mentally filed under “lost cause”). I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have been practicing the skills that you taught, and I truly think that I have made real improvement. Great class!

Justine Micalizzi

We Flew Jay Thomas from Roots Mountain Biking, LLC in for our 10 year shop anniversary celebration weekend. We wanted to offer something special for our customers to join in on, and the response was great! Jay does such a great job, keeps the classes small so individual attention can be met, and the clinics were very professionally done. Would for sure book again for our next event, we have had customers who missed out ask when he is coming back!!

Heather Rutledge, AJ's Bikes and Boards

Prior to Jay’s intermediate class last week at Alafia River State Park I swore I would never do this trail. BUT…. after I learned, “Load then Unload” technique of getting over roots I rocked this trail. Yep gonna ride it tomorrow as well.

Anne Sulivan Gabarini

Thanks for the session on Sunday, Jay. You have a gift for teaching. I had good takeaways for methods to practice my cornering and balance at home, and I felt more confident and even skilled at managing those drops (both smaller and larger) by the time we wrapped up. I was able to handle them with more speed, and even to feel more comfortable at higher speeds instead of feeling like I had to brake and take them slowly. I appreciated how you used pictures and video to show me what I was doing during the session. It was time well spent! Perhaps we can do an hour down along the river in the next couple of months whenever you are going to be up this way again.

Scott Ford